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Trends in Elder Care for the Twenty-First Century

According to the new census numbers, over 13% of Americans are now over 65. That number is expected to gradually rise in the next few years. Americans are also living longer. Betty White turned 90 this year and she’s still working every day on a TV show.

With the increase in elderly Americans comes a growing need to develop elder care facilities for them. Though many older Americans do have homes and are financially stable, at some point they all share a common bond: they want to move from a single family dwelling into a nice, upscale place where all their needs are met.

As we get older, we no longer want to spend all day mowing the grass or cleaning out a garage. Many elder Americans have a few health issues that would prevent them from being able to do those things. That leaves a situation where they must hire someone to clean the house, mow the yard and take care of normal household chores that they once managed.

Elder Care facilities that provide comfortable homes for our over 65 population have become more and more desirable. Residents have all the comforts of their old homes but they have none of the maintenance to be concerned about. Most elder care facilities offer homemade meals each day, along with weekly housekeeping and, of course, there’s no garage to clean or yard to mow.

Though the number of senior living and assisted living communities is increasing, there are still not nearly enough available. The monthly rent is also usually much higher than you might pay for rent in an apartment or even a house.

As more housing for seniors becomes available, prices should go down somewhat. Normally, this is true with all commerce and industry in our country. The more businesses there are competing in an area or field, the lower the prices.

Another trend expected will be an increase in the types of services and amenities one can expect to get in elder care housing. At the moment, you can anticipate a fairly high level of amenities, such as organized recreational activities and plenty of good food all provided in a beautiful, safe environment.

SeniorCareResources.org is a great place where families can locate extensive information on senior care and assisted living facilities throughout America. The website helps you with issues like financing and offers a wealth of information on the many plans and programs available for seniors.

SeniorCareResources.org understands the stress associated with helping a loved one find the right senior community and get moved into it. We believe there’s a perfect place for your mom, dad or other elderly relative and we offer a broad range of resources to help you find that place.

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