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Dealing with the Aging Question

Those who have an elderly parent will tell you quickly that it can be challenging at times. It’s difficult to know what your mom or dad might be going through but it often helps to put yourself in their place.

Today’s over 60 population are staying much more active than former generations. They’re a very independent group of people, so when they do face that time in their lives when they can’t maintain their former lifestyle and they do need some help, they may be defiant and angry about this. Losing your independence is scary.

Every elder person is different but most doctors will say that good communication is important. Don’t be afraid to talk to your family and the elder family member about the things that concern you. Always speak in positive, reassuring tones though.

As we age, we do become worried about what will happen and what our future holds. That’s a normal reaction. But approach the subject with positive words, phrases, and suggestions. Aging can be a great time of relaxing and spending more time playing golf or fishing.

Many older citizens still own and live in their home. The idea of selling it and moving to a senior living facility may be frightening at first. Approach this subject from the direction of how much work and responsibility a house is. Today’s senior living and assisted living homes are upscale, clean, safe and offer a number of amenities.

Seniors won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or cleaning anymore. They will have plenty of friends and activities each week. Meals are even served in a centrally located cafeteria at many of these retirement communities. There’s a real sense of family and always someone around to play card games with.

By discussing the many positive aspects of growing older and possibly giving up a single family home for a senior care facility, the whole family will be more open and at ease. Remember that growing older is a normal part of life. Approach it with a good outlook instead of fear or worry.

Aging brings about many changes in someone’s life. The elderly can’t get around as well as they once did and their memory might not be as sharp. These are normal though and shouldn’t be treated as traumatic events.

Dealing with aging and the elderly offers many opportunities for a family to learn and grow. If we can treat it as a normal occurrence and with a positive attitude, then this lessens everyone’s fears and concerns. Though this is a new and different time in someone’s life, it’s still a part of the journey human.

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