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Facts About Senior Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors today have a tremendous amount of choices for senior care and senior living options.  The choices range from retirement communities for the more independent seniors to assisted living and nursing homes for those requiring more care.

This article provides an overview of each category of senior care facilities so that you can start narrowing down what you are searching for.  Throughout this site, you’ll get comprehensive information that can help you and your family decide the best approach to take.

Retirement Comm unities

This type of facility is for healthy seniors who are able to take care of most of their own needs. This type of community is rich in social activities and these are normally beautiful, high-end apartments where you’ll find a long list of amenities like a gym, rec room, and communal dining area. A number of additional services are usually offered such as house cleaning and laundry. This is luxury living at its best for seniors.

Assisted Living

Over a million Americans currently live in an assisted living facility. These come in many shapes and sizes and offer a number of services like transportation, housekeeping, personal care, and medication management. Normally, a senior who requires some assistance each day is a good fit for this type of program. Prices will vary depending upon how much care the senior requires daily.

Adult Care Homes

This category can include facilities that may go under various names like Residential Care or Personal Care homes. These are most often a standard residence that has been converted to support senior living. In most states, these are required to be licensed and many of them specialize. For instance, one Adult Care Home might take only females while another might take only Alzheimer patients. The most important thing to look for here is finding a place where your senior feels “at home” and comfortable.

Adult Day Care

Day Care is offered in most communities to assist families who may be caring for a senior and simply need some additional help. No matter how much you love them, it can be very draining to daily be responsible for the needs of an aging parent. Day Care provides help when and how you need it.

Nursing Homes

Today’s nursing home is much different from those of the past. For the most part, you’ll find area nursing homes to be bright, lively places equipped with a caring staff. Seniors in a nursing home receive daily care and are encouraged to eat healthy, exercise and attend social events. Nurses make sure that patients are getting their medications regularly each day and check their overall health consistently.

SeniorCareResources.org provides you and your family with extensive information on assisted living facilities and senior care throughout America. The website goes into detail to address issues like financing as well as a wealth of info on the various types of plans and programs available for seniors. Regardless of what stage of life or health your loved one may currently be at, there’s an excellent senior care place that they’ll love! SeniorCareResources.org is here to help you locate that place.

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