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Independent Living

Independent Living

Independent living involves a type of housing arrangement specifically aimed at individuals 55 years of age or older who do not require round-the-clock care, but wish to invest in a social community that can accommodate their particular stage in life. Independent living communities vary from small homes and cottages to apartment complexes. They typically exist within a larger community that provides structured communal recreation, social gatherings, and dining on a regular basis. Though individuals are encouraged to participate in these events, they are typically permitted to engage in them as little or as much as they want.

Independent living provides a perfect scenario for older individuals who are looking for a relaxing, socially-motivated environment. Though these communities do not typically provide any sort of health care, individuals who need care can always hire independent staff to assist with their needs. This type of living environment is not ideal for those who require constant care.

Special Accommodations 

The homes within these communities are often designed specifically to accommodate the needs of senior citizens. For example, spaces within the home offer a wide girth for mobility, bathrooms are designed with railing and slip-proof tubs, and most areas within these communities are wheel chair accessible.

They strive to provide the maximum amount of freedom for individual residents. Pets, guests, and vehicles are typically permitted with some regulation. One benefit of this sort of environment is that residents typically develop strong bonds, always keeping an eye out for one another.

Generally the communities that are aimed at this aging sector of the population are located in areas that are convenient to essential services such as physicians, hospitals, grocery stores, etc. Often they offer regular shuttles to local shops or entertainment locations for residents.

Yard care, housekeeping, and other upkeep services may be offered at a charge or included in housing fees. Many residents enjoy the relaxation and peace-of-mind that these services offer.


Though some independent senior living communities are subsidized by HUD, section 8, or similar programs the majority receive funding through private sources. Occasionally they operate on a sliding fee scale to accommodate a resident’s income.