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Caregivers – A Critical Role in Senior Care

Caregivers play an important role in the lives of the seniors they care for as well as the family in general. A family depends upon the caregiver to adequately meet the daily needs of their elderly parent or family member who is receiving in home care.

If you have an older parent or grandparent currently receiving regular help from a caregiver, then you may worry and wonder if the needs of the senior are being met and they are receiving the type of compassionate care you would want them to have.

While finding a great caregiver may be challenging, today’s families know how to do their research online and get the type of helpful information they need. If you are searching for a good, quality caregiver for an aging family member, then below are few helpful tips to assist you.


Determine the Level of Care Needed

There are several types of care available to seniors.  You may consider Custodial Care, which offers help with everyday chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry or errands. A caregiver who provides custodial care doesn’t necessarily need any special training. This person is usually called upon to work in the home of the senior each day Monday through Friday from nine or ten in the morning till around two in the afternoon.


A custodial caregiver can make certain that your loved one is taking their medications on time each day. They can also assure that the senior is being fed properly and may even be able to assist them with personal hygiene. This type of care is mainly for those seniors who generally possess good overall mental and physical health.


The other type of caregiver is the Skilled Caregiver. The Skilled Caregiver may be a licensed nurse of other professional who is able to administer some level of medical help. This might include physical therapy, breathing treatments, or other minor medical procedures. The Skilled Caregiver can monitor conditions like blood pressure, heart rate, and mental faculties. For patients who have diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer’s that need constant monitoring, a Skilled Caregiver is an indispensable aide.


Do Your Homework!

When choosing a care giver for in home care, be sure to ask all the right questions and get answers that you are comfortable with. A licensed agency can normally provide references but you should also find out how well trained their staff is. Ask what ongoing training is available for agency caregivers. If you are choosing an individual be sure to run a background check on this person at your local police station. Ask for personal and professional references.


In home care is an excellent way to allow your elderly family member to stay at home where they feel comfortable and yet still receive the help they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a bit of research, you can find just the right caregiver for your loved one.


SeniorCareResources.org provides excellent resources to those searching for the right senior care facility for a loved one. We understand how stressful this process can be and so we offer valuable information and counseling and all our services are free. Please allow us to partner with you to locate the best senior care options available in your community.