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Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Senior assisted living is a form of senior residence that bridges the gap between fully independent living and traditional nursing home care. Assisted living is ideal for those seniors who desire more help with daily living activities than they receive at home or in a retirement community, but don’t require the intense daily medical care or supervision provided in a nursing home setting.

The lifestyle offered at an assisted living facility can be incredibly comforting to a senior by allowing him or her the opportunity to balance their independence with the assurance that assistance is available when needed or desired. While it’s important to note that each state regulates the services and level of medical care assisted living facilities may provide, you’ll find that nearly all senior assisted living environments offer their residents some level of medical care and assistance with fundamental daily living activities such as meal preparation, transportation, cleaning, laundry and grooming. Some senior living facilities also offer a number of structured social activities, an official social calendar, and planned outings. Other facilities adapt a less formal approach to socialization.

The physical arrangement of assisted living also varies a great deal; from simple structures with just a dozen or so units to luxurious, master planned developments that house a great many seniors and from small studio apartments to semi detached homes.

The decision to transition from independent living to one of assisted is often complex and emotional. Outlining you or your loved one’s physical and emotional needs and desires is a critical first step in determining if relocating to an assisted living facility is the right move. Once the decision has been made, education, research and onsite visits will help create the ideal match between the senior and a safe and supportive environment.