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Archive | April, 2012

Caffeine Consumption Linked to Reduction of Alzheimer’s

April 29, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Uncategorized   |   0 Comments

Many times we think that drinking too much coffee is bad for us, especially older citizens, but a new study from the University of Florida and the University of Miami shows that older adults with a moderate memory loss who drink around 3 cups of coffee per day have a reduced risk of dementia. The [...]

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Do Seniors Suffer More from Insomnia?

April 22, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Senior Care Blog   |   0 Comments

We all know the statistics…the average person should get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. But often, we hear older folks complain about not being able to sleep. Seniors consistently say that they can’t fall asleep and/or that they wake up three or four times during the night and can’t fall back [...]

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